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WordPress Logo for Web DesignersWeb site design with WordPress (WP) in mind. How easy is it to create a WP theme from scratch? Not very easy. Have you ever tried to create or edit one for your web site? It probably wasn’t the easiest thing next to sliced bread for you we would imagine. Just try to wrap your mind around SEO given a day or two– you wouldn’t want to! That is exactly why we do it for you- so you don’t have to! Simply kick back and let us handle all the hard stuff while you keep focus on designing it. How much easier can it be?

DIY Process

Everyone knows when you try to do things yourself you can end up hopelessly lost. We were all there at some point and feel your pain! When it comes to websites, it just doesn’t work-out as well as say ‘how to make a pizza’ tutorial on YouTube. So to help everyone out we are offering to take all the nasty coding off your hands. Just work with us on how you would like the website theme to look. Once you’re happy with the results we code the theme to look just like the mock-up we created. Next we install and activate it on your WordPress web site and you’re good to go!

SEO WordPress Stuff

So we’ve built your theme just the way you want it and you’re on your merry way. ‘Wait a sec!’ you say to yourself on the way out. You just remembered all that stuff about SEO and how it is important to have a “search engine friendly” (aka SEF) theme someone once told you about. “How could I have forgot to mention that!” you shout in your head. Well, rest assured, we build all our WordPress themes to be SEF. This is so when you’re ready for your website to go global, that will be one less thing to have on your to-do list. Your welcome!


So in conclusion, we hope to be of some service to you in the future. We hope our WordPress theme websites will be enjoyed by you as much as we enjoyed making them for you. Talk with you again soon!

-WB4D Crew

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