Responsive Digital Marketing & Your Theme

Responsive Digital Marketing & Your Theme

Digital marketing and responsive themesEver wonder how responsive web site design plays part in your digital marketing efforts? “What is the big deal with it anyway?” you might have wondered. One thing we know as digital marketers is that we have few main avenues of traffic. Desktop/laptop, mobile and tablet to name just a few. As you know the two main avenues break down to just two sources, desktop/laptop (referred as just desktop here on) and mobile. In many instances we can see mobile starting to catch-up and and supersede desktop traffic. As this trend continues mobile traffic might just be king with desktop traffic dwindling. This is why having a responsive website theme matters most and should already.

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is the ability for your theme to transform to fit smaller screens such as smart phones and tablets. It is part of the development of the theme and built-in. This saves having to create two different versions of the site and manage both. Instead you can have both integrated in to one making it much easier to manage. Who wants to have to update two versions of the same thing every time anyway? We just simply make a tweak to the page and like magic it’s there automatically on the mobile version.

Responsive Digital Marketing

So what is responsive digital marketing? It is the process of strategically working with the strengths that mobile/responsive has with it’s unique audience. Layout is important and understanding how responsiveness changes the look and function of your website is important.  What might be prominent and bold on the desktop version might sink well below the fold on the mobile one. How do you work-around these issues? Simple. Plan the layout of your desktop version with consideration of your mobile counterpart. Observe how all the pieces ‘transform’ from your desktop to your mobile. Everything should fall into place as far as what you’re needing to do next. 🙂


In conclusion, look before you leap and make sure all your marketing efforts are in good shape. It pays off to be patient and do through work. Until next time, cheers!

-WB4D Team

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