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Responsive Digital Marketing & Your Theme

Responsive Digital Marketing & Your Theme

Digital marketing and responsive themesEver wonder how responsive web site design plays part in your digital marketing efforts? “What is the big deal with it anyway?” you might have wondered. One thing we know as digital marketers is that we have few main avenues of traffic. Desktop/laptop, mobile and tablet to name just a few. As you know the two main avenues break down to just two sources, desktop/laptop (referred as just desktop here on) and mobile. In many instances we can see mobile starting to catch-up and and supersede desktop traffic. As this trend continues mobile traffic might just be king with desktop traffic dwindling. This is why having a responsive website theme matters most and should already.

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is the ability for your theme to transform to fit smaller screens such as smart phones and tablets. It is part of the development of the theme and built-in. This saves having to create two different versions of the site and manage both. Instead you can have both integrated in to one making it much easier to manage. Who wants to have to update two versions of the same thing every time anyway? We just simply make a tweak to the page and like magic it’s there automatically on the mobile version.

Responsive Digital Marketing

So what is responsive digital marketing? It is the process of strategically working with the strengths that mobile/responsive has with it’s unique audience. Layout is important and understanding how responsiveness changes the look and function of your website is important.  What might be prominent and bold on the desktop version might sink well below the fold on the mobile one. How do you work-around these issues? Simple. Plan the layout of your desktop version with consideration of your mobile counterpart. Observe how all the pieces ‘transform’ from your desktop to your mobile. Everything should fall into place as far as what you’re needing to do next. 🙂


In conclusion, look before you leap and make sure all your marketing efforts are in good shape. It pays off to be patient and do through work. Until next time, cheers!

-WB4D Team

WP Themes Designed For Your Web Site

WP Themes Designed For Your Web Site

About WordPress ThemesWe don’t just design WP (WordPress) themes for the software. We design them for your web site. Well that’s odd you might be thinking! Well, as it turns out there is a gargantuan difference between software and the human behavior. I mean, what if we designed just for software alone! Would everyday people be able to even use it?? Technology is great and all but the human experience cannot be ignored and at times we find where that has slipped the minds of some well-intended developers.

Web Site Design Planning

It is easy to get too involved on a technical end to the point where you can’t make out the trees from the forest so it’s always good to plan ahead and early when creating a website. Take into account what you want your audience to do and experience. Do you want them to buy from your website or read it like a brochure? Make the effort to plan far enough in advance and stay focused on it. This is to ensure you meet your goals you are striving to achieve for your web presence. All works of art start with a rough sketch. 😉

Technology Into Theme Design

Now that we have a plan in action we can turn to our technologies as tools to create our masterpiece. Sliders are great for capturing attention and promote sales as well as engaging with your audience. Highlight new products, blog posts or news. Add videos for more interaction. Use tabs and drop-down boxes to save page space. Blogs and community forums are great as well to interact with. Now that’s using technology in the right perspective!


In conclusion, use technology where it fits best for your purposes and not the other way around “just because it’s neat”. Send in some examples if you have any to show-off your well designed web site themes and we might just post some. Until next time!

-WB4D Team

WordPress Site Theme Design for SEO

WordPress and SEO Stuff

WordPress Logo for Web DesignersWeb site design with WordPress (WP) in mind. How easy is it to create a WP theme from scratch? Not very easy. Have you ever tried to create or edit one for your web site? It probably wasn’t the easiest thing next to sliced bread for you we would imagine. Just try to wrap your mind around SEO given a day or two– you wouldn’t want to! That is exactly why we do it for you- so you don’t have to! Simply kick back and let us handle all the hard stuff while you keep focus on designing it. How much easier can it be?

DIY Process

Everyone knows when you try to do things yourself you can end up hopelessly lost. We were all there at some point and feel your pain! When it comes to websites, it just doesn’t work-out as well as say ‘how to make a pizza’ tutorial on YouTube. So to help everyone out we are offering to take all the nasty coding off your hands. Just work with us on how you would like the website theme to look. Once you’re happy with the results we code the theme to look just like the mock-up we created. Next we install and activate it on your WordPress web site and you’re good to go!

SEO WordPress Stuff

So we’ve built your theme just the way you want it and you’re on your merry way. ‘Wait a sec!’ you say to yourself on the way out. You just remembered all that stuff about SEO and how it is important to have a “search engine friendly” (aka SEF) theme someone once told you about. “How could I have forgot to mention that!” you shout in your head. Well, rest assured, we build all our WordPress themes to be SEF. This is so when you’re ready for your website to go global, that will be one less thing to have on your to-do list. Your welcome!


So in conclusion, we hope to be of some service to you in the future. We hope our WordPress theme websites will be enjoyed by you as much as we enjoyed making them for you. Talk with you again soon!

-WB4D Crew